DSF Family Network and Brand Ambassadors

One of the facets of DSF is the Family Network and Brand Ambassador programs. Both programs are made up of caregivers of Dravet syndrome patients. These volunteers act as signposts to help guide others to our organization who are looking for support, education, and awareness. They help facilitate communication within our community, between our community and DSF, and help to further the mission of our foundation. They do this by engaging in social media, our online support groups, fundraising, and attending live and virtual events. Family Network Ambassadors are selected from each of the five regions: West, Mountain, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. We are looking forward to growing both programs in the coming year with the intention to have 2-3 Family Network Ambassadors per region and a cohort of five Brand Ambassadors.

Our Ambassadors are an irreplaceable part of #TeamDSF. Learn more about our Ambassadors and reach out for support. Applications are now being accepted for our Family Network and Brand Ambassador programs.

Applications for 2024 Brand Ambassadors and 2024-2025 Family Network Ambassadors open on November 6, 2023 and close December 1, 2023, with interviews taking place Friday, 12/8 through Monday, 12/11. Decisions will be finalized and announced on or around 12/18/23.

Northeast & Southeast Family Network Ambassadors

Shannon Cloud - GA

Southeast Ambassador

Vince Faville - PA

Northeast Ambassador

Jennifer Marasco - PA

Northeast Ambassador

Midwest Family Network Ambassadors

Kayci Capps - MO

Midwest Ambassador

Tina McDermott - IA

Midwest Ambassador

Colleen Penwell - WI

Midwest Ambassador

Mountain Family Network Ambassadors

Click here to fill out an application if you are interested in becoming a Family Network Ambassador. 

West Family Network Ambassadors

Rich Maxey - WA

West Ambassador

Melissa O'Bryan - AK

West Ambassador

Morgan Turpin - CA

West Ambassador

Austin Watson - ID

West Ambassador

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