DSF Parent Ambassador

Allen Golec FL – Southeast

Allen Golec – Florida

Allen is a native of the Chicago area, has resided in six different states over a 25-year period, a journey that eventually led him to establish roots in Central Florida alongside his two daughters. The younger of the two, Abigaile, had her first seizure at 5 months old and was diagnosed with a seizure disorder of unknown entomology.

 In 2017, at the age of 14, Abigaile was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome. The diagnosis revealed a GABRA2 mutation in the 5th Chromosome, shedding light on the underlying genetic factors contributing to her condition.

Devoted to ensuring the best possible care for Abigaile, Allen made a life-altering decision in 2018. He chose to leave his career as an IT Project Manager, redirecting his focus and energy towards the full-time pursuit of Abigaile’s medical needs.

Allen spends his free time running (granted very slow) as a way to maintain his mentally and physically health.

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