Brain-First Parenting Workshop

Why ‘Brain First’? What does the brain have to do with challenging behaviors? Everything, actually. Neuroscience research tells us that the brain and behaviors are always connected. That’s why, when we parent from a brain first framework — thinking brain first, and then behavior — our child’s challenging behaviors are reduced and we shift toward greater connection and less frustration in our parenting experience.

This 9-hour workshop is led by Eileen Devine, LCSW, a neurobehavioral support coach for parents. Eileen Devine is a therapist, neurobehavioral consultant, and mother to a child with a neurobehavioral disability that has challenging behavioral symptoms. She has her License in Clinical Social Work and is a certified facilitator in the teaching and application of the neurobehavioral model, as developed by FASCETS founder, Diane Malbin. She has also completed Tier 1 training in Think:Kids Collaborative Problem Solving. Eileen is an instructor for the Post-Master’s Certificate in Adoption and Foster Therapy through Portland State University’s Child Welfare Partnership, training other therapist on the neurobehavioral model. Special thanks to the Dravet syndrome caregivers who so openly and honestly shared their challenges in this webinar series.

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