Galas & Gatherings

There are a variety of events that can be designed for an adult evening out that are filled with both fun and fundraising to benefit DSF. There is no end to the possibilities, so you can turn your passions and interests into a unique fundraising event. Event coordinators have held casino nights, galas, dances, and trivia events. In many cases, several families in a region have formed a planning committee for a larger event such as this to ease the workload.

You can become a changemaker for the Dravet syndrome community, raising both funds and awareness. By hosting an evening event for DSF, you gain access to:

  • A personalized event portal
  • Helpful resources such as event templates, letters, and sponsorship materials
  • The support of our Fundraising Director, who will support you throughout your fundraising efforts
  • The DSF Staff who will attend and execute your event so you can also enjoy the evening
  • Branded DSF materials, brochures, and signage for your event

Email us to get started!

Doubledown beantown Dravet event

Casino Night

2018 Doubledown Beantown

Dance for Dravet event

Dance for Dravet

2021 Dance for Dravet

City Bash Dravet Event


2019 City Bash

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