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This June – Help Us Raise Public Awareness!

Dravet Syndrome Awareness Month takes place each June in the U.S., and International Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day is observed on June 23rd. This year, we are recognizing those that we have lost on our second annual Remembrance Day, June 15, 2022.

By raising awareness of Dravet syndrome, our community can increase knowledge in the general public; improve early diagnosis; assure that patient families have the information they need to manage their loved one’s care; and reduce the feelings of isolation faced by patients and their families. This year’s theme is: Raising Public Awareness


Your support and hard work has been instrumental in the progress made for our patient community in the last decade. Now more than ever, we need your help! Please commit to raise public awareness of Dravet syndrome in one or more ways this June. #curedravet

How You Can Get Involved

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Remembrance Day

Our 2nd annual Dravet Remembrance Day will take place on June 15th and will be a time for our community to reflect and remember those who we have lost to Dravet syndrome. Submit your loved one’s name here for inclusion on our virtual Remembrance Wall. #dravetremembranceday

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Awareness Day

On June 23rd, we are joining our advocacy partners and families from around the world in raising awareness of Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day. This year’s Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day falls on the first day of the DSF Conference#dravetawarenessday

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Spread Awareness

Follow us on all of our social media channels, then be sure to like and share our daily posts to help raise awareness! Make sure to use the hashtag #curedravet

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Start a Fundraiser

Join our June fundraiser and help us raise public awareness of Dravet syndrome. Set uppersonal fundraiser page for free, and raise $250 for a new DSF t-shirt or $400 for a new DSF hooded sweatshirt.#curedravet 

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