Bereaved families are invited to share the names of their deceased loved ones who have passed away as a result of Dravet syndrome, for inclusion on DSF’s Remembrance Wall. This virtual wall provides a place and a way for families, along with our community, to remember and honor their loved ones forever.

Beginning in 2021, each year June 15th will be recognized as Dravet Remembrance Day to allow us to remember all of those who we have lost to this disease.

Jaylin Danae Barnett
Jaylin Barnett
Bereavement Purple Candle
Evan Nicholas Bartley
In memory of Jess Marie Beecher
Jess Marie Beecher
In memory of Zackary Blake Bell
Zackary Blake Bell
In memory of Tate Bennett
Tate Bennett
In memory of Tanner Berry
Tanner Berry
In memory of Gabrielle Alexis Berryman
Gabrielle Alexis Berryman
Bereavement Purple Candle
Ella Elizabeth Brearley
Bereavement Purple Candle
Megan Alexandra Buss
Bereavement Purple Candle
Dawson Luke Causey
In memory of Yotom Cohen
Yotem Cohen
TyLeah C
TyLeah Coleman
Bethany Joanne Childers
Bethany Childers
Armani Campos
Armani Campos
Bereavement Purple Candle
Dawn Michelle Crawley
In memory of Scott Crossland
Scott Crossland
In memory of Clover Rosalie Dohman
Clover Rosalie Dohman
Bereavement Purple Candle
Mateo Doranges
In memory of Tyler F. Eimont
Tyler F. Eimont
In memory of Cecilia Eversole
Cecilia Eversole
20200522 233826 IMG 0029
Gabriel Tyler Fariss
Bereavement Purple Candle
Charlotte Figi
Bereavement Purple Candle
Grace C. Fitzgerald
In memory of Isabelle Fonte
Isabelle Fonte
In memory of Alex Michael Gauvin
Alex Michael Gauvin
In memory of Ares Alexander Gayle
Ares Alexander Gayle
Bereavement Purple Candle
Shaun Goss
In memory of Clotilde Georget
Clotilde Georget
Bereavement Purple Candle
Vanessa Gottfried
Bereavement Purple Candle
Ruby Eclipse Hanson
Bereavement Purple Candle
Miles Hartman
In memory of Molly Hendershot
Molly Hendershot
In memory of Sophie Hill
Sophie Hill
Noelle Marie Kennedy
Noelle Marie Kennedy
Raiden Levi Kueneman
Raiden Kueneman
Bereavement Purple Candle
Noah Kuehner
Bereavement Purple Candle
Avery June Lee
Ariana Mae Lusis
Ariana Mae Lusis
In memory of Nathan Daniel William LeBlanc
Nathan Daniel William LeBlanc
In memory of Reese Taylor Macaulay
Reese Taylor Macaulay
20131008 161613 scaled
Saga & Nova Majunie
In memory of Savannah DeLee McNair
Savannah DeLee McNair
In memory of Ashley Michaels
Ashley Michaels
In memory of Iriey Autumn Miller
Iriey Autumn Miller
In memory of Raiden Monges
Raiden Monges
In memory of Camdyn Moomaw
Camdyn D.E. Moomaw
In memory of Asher P Moore
Asher P. Moore
In memory of AJ Mullins
AJ Mullins
In memory of Finnegan Henry Murphy
Finnegan Henry Murphy
Ciara Remembrance
Ciara O’Driscoll
In memory of Deira Jean Ogle
Deira Jean Ogle
Bereavement Purple Candle
Kalie Mae Osbourne
Bereavement Purple Candle
Grady Lee Patton
In memory of Courtney Elizabeth Perry
Courtney Elizabeth Perry
In memory of Clément Agenès Philippe
Clément Agnès Philippe
In memory of Kaitlyn (Kate) Elizabeth Pogson
Kaitlyn (Kate) Elizabeth Pogson
In memory of Makaio Pooley
Makaio Pooley
In memory of Samuel Powell
Samuel Powell
Bereavement Purple Candle
Elsa Graham Prather
In memory of Siobhan Preston-Deitner
Siobhan Preston-Deitner
Bereavement Purple Candle
Sofie Luella Robles
In memory of Derek Rudawsky
Derek Rudawsky
In memory of Terri Nicole Seed
Terri Nicole Seed
In memory of Jacob Simms
Jacob Simms
In memory of Makayla Nicole Smith
Makayla Nicole Smith
In loving memory of Patrick Tillman Stewart
Patrick Tillman Stewart
In memory of Stevie Mae Swanepoel
Stevie-Mae Swanepoel
Bereavement Purple Candle
Maddie Tischer
Ava Jules Tolentino scaled
Ava Jules Tolentino
In memory of Allison Marie Tucker
Allison Tucker
Bereavement Purple Candle
Micah Van Horn
In memory of Maggie Walters
Maggie Walters
Bereavement Purple Candle
Karsen Waters
In memory of Bryant Weasel
Bryant Weasel
In memory of Kaymen Lawver Weingardt
Kaymen Lawver Weingardt
Bereavement Purple Candle
Sarah Welton
In memory of Grayson Wiedmer
Grayson Wiedmer
Bereavement Purple Candle
Grace Mary Witwer

You can register your loved one by completing the form below. Registered families will receive a mailed card for Remembrance Day.

Name of Deceased Individual(Required)
Name of Person Completing the Form(Required)
Accepted file types: jpg, png, Max. file size: 128 MB.

The information collected by Dravet Syndrome The information collected by Dravet Syndrome Foundation will not be sold or distributed outside of DSF and is used solely to verify identity and assist with communication. Questions or concerns can be directed to our team

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