DSF Parent Ambassador

Tina McDermott – IA (Midwest)

Tina’s son Ryan was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome at the age of six but had been having seizures from nine weeks old. It took 3 different Neurologists to figure it out. Tina has shared and will continue to share her story and that is why she became an Ambassador for the Midwest Region. Unfortunately, Ryan passed away on 10/2/22 to SUDEP. It’s been the toughest thing Tina and her family have ever gone through. Tina is staying on to educate, advocate, raise awareness, and simply because she loves it!

Tina has been married to her amazing husband Brad for 30 years. They have six kids and five grandkids. Tina cares for two grandchildren all week and cleans houses on the side. They love camping in our big handicapped accessible camper that was bought for Ryan, boating and dirt track racing in their Team Ryan Grinch car! Tina is especially looking forward to seeing everyone at the Conference.

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