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New Genetic Therapy for Dravet Syndrome Advances Towards Clinical Trials

Given the limited effectiveness of current therapies to treat Dravet syndrome and the significant burden of symptoms, much hope lies in the potential of targeted ...
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10 Years: A Seizure Anniversary

  This little body held a secret. Eight days after this picture was taken, on February 16th, 2014, this little boy would have his first ...
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Looking for Brand Ambassadors to help further the mission of DSF!

In a world where social media is omnipresent, an organization and company’s need to create social media brand ambassadors within the platforms is becoming more ...
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Join Us in Welcoming our New Family Network Ambassadors

We are so excited to announce the cohort of Family Network Ambassadors for the 2024-2025 term! These volunteers are all parents of children and adults ...
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Investigating PBA as a Treatment for Epilepsy

The pipeline for new therapies to address Dravet syndrome in 2024 is encouraging. There are several ongoing clinical trials for potential new treatments and even ...
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Celebrating 15 Years!

This year commemorates the 15th anniversary of DSF! We eagerly anticipate celebrating the initial 15 years of our impactful journey with you throughout 2024, sharing ...
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Berkley Dravet story

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