What is RSS?

What is RSS

To stay up to date with our latest blog posts and news articles, subscribe to our RSS feed. You’ll get a notification in your RSS feed reader as soon as we publish new updates about DSF.

What is an RSS feed?

An RSS feed is a list of articles that updates in real-time. By subscribing to our RSS feed you’ll get notified as soon as we update our blog or news page. To get these notifications, you’ll need an RSS feed reader.

What is an RSS feed reader?

An RSS feed reader translates an RSS feed into a list of blog posts and news articles in chronological order. It will notify you of our latest updates once you’ve subscribed. You can even subscribe to our RSS feed directly through your RSS feed reader. Just copy this link and submit it to any reader you use such as Feedly, NewsBlur, or Inoreader.

If you’re on desktop, you can install an extension to your browser that links to your RSS feed reader. By installing an extension, you don’t have to open your feed reader every time you subscribe to an RSS feed.

How to install an RSS browser extension

Most RSS extensions are free and you can install them directly into your browser.

How to subscribe to our RSS feed on Chrome

You can subscribe and read RSS feeds on Chrome with a browser extension such as RSS Feed Reader.

How to subscribe to our RSS feed on Safari

You can add an RSS button to Safari with the Subscribe to Feed extension. You’ll need to link the extension to your RSS feed reader to be notified of new articles.

Once you’re subscribed, your RSS feed will notify you every time we add a new blog or news article. To read the full post back on our site, just follow the link that shows up in your feed and you’ll be redirected straight to the new article.

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