Use Your Connections to Help DSF!

Do you own a business or work for a national company that would benefit from national attention, while supporting the Dravet syndrome community? Corporate donations to nonprofit organizations such as DSF provide companies with a way to give back to the community, engage their employees, and improve brand perception.

There are many ways that a company can give back to the community. Many offer financial assistance through grants, sponsorships, and/or product donations. Others pledge employee volunteer hours to nonprofits. Still others choose to give back by matching employee donations up to a certain amount, which can double or sometimes triple the initial gift by the employee. If a company is unable to make a financial donation, they might still choose to support through in-kind donations such as a raffle/auction item or by donating food or beverages for a fundraising event.

This is where DSF needs your help! Companies tend to support nonprofits that have a direct tie to one or more of their employees. If you are aware of company-giving programs, grants, or product donation opportunities at the company you work for, please let us know. We can take the next steps and reach out to apply. It is a win-win, with DSF receiving additional support for our important programs, and for the company to receive national recognition and the satisfaction of supporting a good cause.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please email Misty, DSF Campaign Director, or email Meredith, DSF Fundraising Assistant.

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