SAP Awareness Week

Do you have a Seizure Action Plan?

A seizure is a medical emergency. A Seizure Action Plan (SAP) incorporates tailored guidelines on how to respond during a seizure. It includes patient-specific information that can assure quick and appropriate intervention.

For patients with Dravet syndrome, a SAP is an important management tool. Its development should involve the caregiver and healthcare provider to create a customized plan tailored to the patient. Defining the use of rescue medications within a SAP may reduce potentially unnecessary emergency healthcare needs, resulting in decreased direct and indirect costs. It can provide clarification on the appropriate intervention during a seizure, such as understanding what to do during a seizure, when watchful waiting is appropriate, when to intervene with at-home rescue medications, when to call 911 or go to the hospital, and much more. Sharing the SAP with other caregivers, school staff, medical personnel (including emergency medical technicians) and others who interact with the patient can assure appropriate intervention during a seizure and reduce the harm a seizure can do.

You can learn more about Seizure Action Plan Awareness Week, which runs from February 14-18, 2022, by visiting the SAP Coalition website. The SAP Coalition\’s website serves an information hub with links to resources that are helpful in the development of an individualized SAP.

If you would like to help spread awareness of SAPs, our 2022 toolkit includes a number of resources to help you promote awareness. For any SAP Awareness social media posts, be sure to include our official hashtag: #SAPAW2022

Seizure action plan awareness week
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