New Clinical Study – Momentum 1

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Momentum 1 Phase 3 Clinical Trial

New Clinical Study Offers Change to Further Research in Dravet Syndrome

If your child or a loved one has Dravet syndrome, you know that it affects the whole family. Dravet syndrome, a lifelong disease marked by prolonged, frequent seizures, requires constant care and can significantly impact quality of life for the patient and their loved ones, which can feel frustrating and even hopeless at times. Because of this, researchers are committed to advancing science and researching potential treatments in the area of Dravet syndrome.

Momentum 1 is a new research study sponsored by Eisai Inc. that is evaluating the safety and efficacy of an investigational drug called lorcaserin. (“Investigational” means that the drug is not approved by the FDA for use in Dravet syndrome or other epilepsies.) The study is investigating whether adding lorcaserin to a person’s current epilepsy medication will help reduce the number of seizures in people with Dravet syndrome when compared to a sugar pill (placebo). The Momentum 1 study will take place at approximately 25 sites across the US and Canada.

This kind of study is critical to Dravet syndrome research, and you may be able to help.  In order to be eligible for participation, your child or your loved one need to meet the following criteria:

  • Age two years and older
  • Confirmed diagnosis of epilepsy with Dravet syndrome

There are no guarantees in clinical research. Your child’s or loved one’s condition may stay the same, improve or worsen. However, taking part in this study offers the opportunity to possibly progress medical research and provide more information about lorcaserin that may help those with Dravet syndrome in the future. Your or your child’s or loved one’s personal information will be kept confidential to the extent required by law, and participants may also be eligible to receive reimbursement for study-related travel expenses.

Any medical information collected in this study will be exclusively used for development of potential treatments and resources.

Eisai Inc.’s goal is to develop a potential treatment that can enhance the lives of those living with Dravet syndrome in the future. More information on the study and participating study locations can be found at

Momentum Clinical Trial

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