DSF Parent Ambassador

Karen Masters Foster – WA (West)

Karen Masters Foster DSF Staff Administrative Assistant

Karen Masters Foster – California

Karen lives in Northridge, CA with her husband Jermaine and their 4 children, Audrey, Miles, Clover, and Scarlet.

Miles was 2 yrs old when genetic testing revealed he had an SCN1A mutation. Though initially diagnosed with GEFS+, at age 4 Miles was officially diagnosed with Dravet syndrome. From the beginning, Karen knew their road would be difficult. Upon researching online she came across the Dravet Syndrome Foundation and their online support group. It was there she found her voice, along with immense support and fast friends within the Dravet community.

Karen is a licensed life insurance agent and has worked in various aspects of the insurance industry for over 16 yrs. Karen has lived in the Los Angeles area all of her life. She enjoys spending her free time with her family, hanging out at home, hiking, golfing with Miles, and shopping at the local flea market.

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