How to Use the New DSF Logo

As you may know, this month, the Dravet Syndrome Foundation (DSF) released an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. We have refreshed our logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. We believe the new look reflects the Foundation’s growth since 2009 and emulates our large scope of work, including research, awareness, and patient support.  

We are excited to see the enthusiasm from our community to use our new logo to help raise awareness of Dravet syndrome and DSF. Our new logo and sub-branded word marks are copyrighted designs, and we do have requirements in place for the use of these work marks and logotypes, so we wanted to share our logo usage policy and legal guidelines with our community.

The DSF word marks, sub brands, and logos are the sole and exclusive property of DSF. Your use of any word mark and/or logo implies acceptance of, and agreement with, the terms of this policy. If you do not accept and agree to follow the rules as set out in this policy, you do not have the right to use the word marks and/or logos and are prohibited from using them. Any use of DSF word marks and/or logos not in compliance with this policy is not authorized. If you violate the rules in this policy, you must cease and desist from all use of any DSF word marks and/or logos, regardless of the uses otherwise allowed in this policy. In addition, DSF reserves the right to revoke its approval of your use of the word marks and/or logos at any time.  

If you have received permission to use our logos or trademarks, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Comply with our Logo Usage & Trademark Guidelines
  • Do not modify our logo beyond the guidelines given here – use the color, shape, and proportion of our logos exactly as they appear here, do not alter them in any way.
  • The logo usage must never be used in any way that might imply affiliation with the Dravet Syndrome Foundation where such a relationship does not exist.
  • Do not incorporate our Dravet Syndrome Foundation name with your product name or company name. Use “for” in order to emphasize that your product or service works with or integrates with or is  designated for the Dravet Syndrome Foundation and is not affiliated with.
  • Do not use our logo to resell our services.
  • Do not copy or mimic the visual style of our logo.

Our new website, launching on June 23rd, will feature a DSF Logo Guide page where you can download our logos and assets, as well as find brand colors. If you need them before the new launch, or have any questions on logo usage, please contact us:

using the dsf logo
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