Community Spotlight – Meet Heather & Luella

Meet Heather & Luella!

In this month’s Community Spotlight meet Heather Johnson and her Dravet Warrior, 11-year-old Luella.

Heather and Luella have helped spread awareness and raise funds for DSF over the years in a variety of ways. One of the most notable ways is their annul campaign, a cake 4 a cure. Heather’s initial goal in 2014 was to raise $500 for DSF. Since then this campaign has raised over $10,000. The 8th annual a cake 4 a cure will launch at the end of May and wrap up on Dravet Syndrome Awareness Day on June 23rd. More information will be posted on the family’s blog page.

This year Heather has added a new fundraiser to the mix. Having done a few t-shirt fundraisers in the past, the family decided they wanted to do a hat fundraiser this year. The fundraiser is currently open and hats can be ordered here. All proceeds benefit DSF.

From the entire Dravet community, thank you Johnson family for raising funds and spreading awareness of Dravet syndrome.

Heather and Luella cake 4 a cure
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