With Gratitude this Thanksgiving

We are grateful for our community this Thanksgiving. Our patient families, leaders, staff, clinicians, researchers, and industry partners make what we do every day possible. And for that, we are immensely thankful.

For Our Board, Staff, and Volunteers: We are grateful to our many leaders who have shown up for our community – online and in person – in ways big and small. They have helped to create a welcoming environment where our community knows they are safe and can find the support they need. They have led the charge to fundraise to assure research in the field of Dravet syndrome does not falter and to assure the patient voice is kept front and center in all that we do at DSF. Our gratitude runs deep for those who show up when it matters most.

For Our Patient Families: Our families continue to trust us with the responsibility of moving the field of Dravet syndrome forward and assuring that the many unmet needs of our community are heard and acted upon. Even with the many daily challenges our families face, they persist and continue to engage with the organization, sharing their needs and experiences to help make sure that change is in motion. We could not be more proud or more thankful for our patient community who persists through the most difficult of circumstances.

For our Entire DSF Family: Together, we have helped set the standard for what is possible in a rare disease community. Along with our patient families, clinicians, researchers, and industry partners have joined us because of the belief in our mission and the bravery and strength they see displayed by our patient families. We are all dedicated to fighting for something better, and we are continually pushing forward to assure there are improvements for those living with Dravet syndrome. We could go on and on, but the main point is: we’re incredibly grateful for this community that won’t stop until there is a cure.

Wishing you and yours a happy and peaceful holiday season ahead.

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