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Surgery & Procedures in Dravet Syndrome

Patients with Dravet syndrome often require a surgery or other invasive procedure at some point in their life. While there are no specific surgical procedures that are specifically required due to the diagnosis of Dravet syndrome, there are some procedures that occur more commonly, including: feeding tube placement (i.e., g-tube, j-tube), VNS (vagus nerve stimulator) implantation, imaging procedures like MRIs, and dental procedures.

Caregivers are often curious if there are any special precautions or considerations to take when a child with Dravet syndrome is undergoing a surgery or procedure. DSF now has a new webpage of information and resources to help navigate issues surrounding those topics.

DSF’s scientific director, Veronica Hood, PhD, worked with two pharmacists from major epilepsy centers in the US, Adrian Turner, Pharm D and Marry Vuong, PharmD, to include expanded information related to invasive procedures and medications, including:

  • medication interactions related to surgery and imaging procedures (PDF)
  • alternative routes to administer AEDs in a hospital setting (PDF)
  • recommendations for AED administration via feeding tubes (PDF)
  • special considerations for patients on a ketogenic diet undergoing surgery (PDF)

On the webpage, you will also find tips for before and after surgery as well as more information on epilepsy surgeries and feeding tubes.

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