Nathan Batt – Board Member

Nathan Batt DSF Board Member

Nathan lives in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife Whitney, and his two sons: Cooper 5 and Colton 3.  Cooper had his first seizure at 7 months of age. He had many subsequent seizures before his he was diagnosed at age 2 with Dravet syndrome, when he was found to carry a SCN1A gene mutation. Nathan and his wife also received genetic testing, and it was revealed that Whitney was a silent carrier of the exact gene mutation. They discovered this when she was 6 months pregnant with their second son Colton. The doctors said there was a 50/50 shot that Colton would also carry the gene mutation. On delivery, Colton was tested, and was found to carry the gene mutation. Colton’s first seizure was also at 7 months, and he received a diagnosis of Dravet syndrome.  

Nathan joined the Board of Directors to help advocate not only for his sons, but also for all the current and future individuals, as well as their families, that will have to navigate his condition. His goal is to spread awareness, raise funds, and work with companies to find better treatments, and one day a cure.  

Nathan works full time in medical device sales. He enjoys most spending quality time with his family. For recreation, he competes in triathlons during the year. He has been able to turn his triathlon events into an opportunity to fundraise, by soliciting donations through social media. Nathan’s goal is to scale this technique, and recruit numerous others to participate in fundraising during their own race events. 

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