Join Us in Welcoming our New Family Network Ambassadors

We are so excited to announce the cohort of Family Network Ambassadors for the 2024-2025 term! These volunteers are all parents of children and adults with Dravet syndrome. Because of that they all possess the ability to truly empathize and understand the journey as a family living with, battling, and working through life with Dravet syndrome.

From the five regions of the US we are welcoming 15 new and veteran Ambassadors.

Melissa O’Bryan | Alaska
Morgan Turpin | California

Sarah Reyes | Texas
Brian Wilson | Colorado

Kayci Capps | Missouri
Tina McDermott | Iowa
Brenda Tisdale | Illinois

Siobhan Grevelding | New York
Aleksi Ilmonen | New Jersey
Amy Lopez | Massachusetts
Jennifer Marasco Kuhn | Pennsylvania

Brenda Ferrell | Tennessee
Erin Frost | North Carolina
Allen Golec | Florida
Tatiana Lopez | Florida

This amazing group of people have skills that span the corporate, educational, science and technology, and non-profit fields. They all have developed ways of coping with the world of Dravet syndrome. Some run and exercise, another hosts a podcast. Some hold public office in their community and have helped to pass legislation to make schools safer for children with disabilities. Some of these ambassadors speak multiple languages. Several are past or present teachers. They are a diverse group of individuals with unique stories, which you can read here. But what they all have in common is the drive to make the world a better place for their children and families living with Dravet syndrome. We are so excited and beyond grateful to have them with us. If you know one of these incredible humans please reach out to them! If you don’t know them… don’t worry you will soon!

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