Looking for Brand Ambassadors to help further the mission of DSF!

In a world where social media is omnipresent, an organization and company’s need to create social media brand ambassadors within the platforms is becoming more and more apparent. In a global poll, Statista.com looked at social media users and where they get most of their news information. A whopping 48% of people in the United States stated their primary source of news is from various social media platforms.

It’s one of, if not THE, fastest way information is spread on a global scale. Because of that, DSF recognizes the need to be present in the social media world. As such, we are actively on the hunt for Brand Ambassadors to further the mission of DSF. We are looking for parents and caregivers that want to bring attention and awareness to this devastating disease. 

We are looking for people that are representative of Dravet. Yes, a brand ambassador’s primary way of accessing followers is through their platforms. But our hope is that an ambassador would also represent the foundation out in the world as and extension of DSF beyond social media. Meaning we hope they would help with events, wear the swag, pass out bracelets, fundraise, etc.

Do you follow someone that always has good content about Dravet syndrome? About being a special needs parent? About what it is like to be a parent of a medically fragile child? If you do, or if you are that person and are interested in becoming a brand ambassador please email your/their handle(s) to austin@dravetfoundation.org.

Social media is an evolving world. And we need its help to spread awareness. Will you help us?


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