A Sure Bet – DSF Casino Night Fundraisers

Many of our families over the years have expressed an interest in wanting to host a larger event to help raise awareness of Dravet syndrome and benefit DSF, but are unsure where to start. A larger event, especially if you are new to fundraising, can be daunting and a lot of work on your own.

Because of this, DSF has set up an easy program for a Casino Night Fundraiser that allows Dravet families in an area to come together to host a fun event. A Casino Night includes casino games, dinner, sponsorships, live and silent auctions, and more. It is a great excuse for adults to have a fun night out while supporting a cause they care about. DSF’s staff covers all of the larger planning and execution of the event, allowing families and local volunteers to focus their time on designing the night of the event, finding sponsors and auction donation items, and inviting friends and family members to purchase tickets.

DSF has an established criteria for fundraising events to assure that we are responsible with the generous gifts we receive from our donors. We are able to achieve these low fundraising costs through a core team of volunteers and staff, as well as community support and donations. By dividing the tasks involved in planning an event such as a Casino Night, we can assure it is a fun experience for everyone involved. Not only the night of, but throughout the entire planning process!

DSF Staff is responsible for:

  • Budget development
  • Keeping the event planning on the appropriate timeline
  • Running the committee & staff planning calls prior to the event
  • Procuring national sponsors
  • Setting up the event portal
  • Managing ticket sales and donations
  • Development of all printed materials – signs, programs, etc.
  • Event set-up, execution, and clean-up

Committee Members can participate to help us best tailor the event to appeal to local attendees:

  • Share in the development of the theme and format
  • Procure silent and/or live auction item donations
  • Secure local sponsors
  • Publicize the event
  • Promote ticket sales
  • Assist with set-up the day of the event
  • Act as a host/hostess the evening of the event

And, we have seen how these efforts have paid off. Since our first Casino Night event Double Down for Dravet in Frisco, Texas in 2012 – the Texas planning committee has raised over $622,000, with their 7th annual event less than a month away! Because of their success, we have also hosted a Casino Night in Boston this year, with one to come this November in Philadelphia and another in Houston next February.

If you would like to get involved with an existing event or are interested in starting one near you, please reach out to Misty for details. She can check with other families in the area to help form a committee and get you started with date and venue selection. This event tends to become an annual tradition and does a lot to raise awareness of Dravet syndrome – it is easy to promote and a great way to support DSF through a night of fun and fundraising!


Upcoming Casino Night Events


September 28th:  Double Down for Dravet – Frisco, TX

November 2nd:  Double Down for Dravet – Philadelphia, PA


February 22nd:  Double Down H-Town – Houston, TX

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