Ted Odlaug, PhD – President

Ted Odlaug DSF Board Member

Ted lives in Bannockburn, Illinois with his wife Pat. They have three adult children. They have four grandchildren, and their 2nd, Anna. was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome in 2018. Ted has been in leadership roles at both large and small companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries over the last 40 years. Dr. Ted earned his Ph.D. from University of Minnesota, and a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Missouri. 

When Anna was diagnosed, her parents and extended family turned to the DSF for information and support. Ted and his family believe strongly in the foundation’s mission and have devoted their efforts to fundraising. Their fundraising site is at www.annaanddsf.org. Ted as a board member wants to apply his experience and know-how to help further the goals of the foundation to the benefit of all Dravet patients and families.

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