Dravet Dads Meet-Up Informational Kickoff

It is no secret that mothers and female caregivers make up the majority of our Dravet Syndrome Foundation Parent and Caregiver Support Group. Our community is not unique in this way. We know that fathers and father-figures are a part of our community and DSF strives to better support them.

Earlier this year, we welcomed two fathers who joined our Parent Ambassador Program and introduced the newest members of our Board of Directors, which includes three fathers and one grandfather.

Recently, as part of our Day of Dravet workshops, DSF brought together a small group of Dravet Dads to have a heartfelt conversation with David Hirsch. David is the founder of the 21st Century Dads Foundation and creator of the Special Fathers Network, a dad to dad mentoring program for fathers raising children with special needs. The mission of the 21st Century Dads Foundation is to improve the lives of children by raising awareness and resources for greater father involvement and by empowering and inspiring dads to be present physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. David is the host of the Dad to Dad podcast in which he shares inspirational and enlightening stories of fathers raising children with special needs. 

These fathers opened up and shared their own perspectives on raising children with Dravet syndrome. They shared personal experiences, connected with one another, and bonded over a mutual vision of hope for their children.

This conversation was just the starting point. Beginning in 2023 (January-June), David will be hosting a monthly virtual Dravet Dads Meet Up. To learn more about this monthly meetup, DSF is hosting an Informational Kickoff on Thursday, October 13 at 5:30pm PT/ 8:30pm ET. Register here. This is open to any special man in the Dravet patient’s life (fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, adult brothers, etc.).

At DSF, we believe there is nothing more powerful than the patient’s and caregiver’s voice. This includes ALL voices. Fathers and father-figures, please join us!

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