Are you ready to Give Up Your Cup for Dravet syndrome?

On your marks. Get set. Give up your cup and donate your coffee money to Dravet syndrome research!

Give Up Your Cup officially begins TODAY! Can you help us move closer to a cure by saying, “see you later, latte?”

There are three ways to participate. Choose the option (or two!) that works best for you:

  1. Estimate how much you spend on coffee each month and make a one-time donation TODAY.
  2. Keep track of all the times you skip your beverage order this month, and make a one-time donation at the end of the month. (Just don’t forget!)
  3. Set up a #GiveUpYourCup fundraiser. Post the link on social media or email friends and family, asking them to #GiveUpYourCup, too. (We have great incentives.)

Money raised goes to Dravet syndrome research. In 2023, DSF awarded $2.475M in research grants because of the generous support of our community. #GiveUpYourCup is all in the spirit of fun to benefit Dravet syndrome research, so we won’t tell if you donate and buy coffee, too. But when you’re a lesser-known disorder, every dollar makes a difference. You can help continue to make that research happen simply by saying, “bye-bye, brewed coffee” for a month.

Please participate in Give Up Your Cup TODAY, and encourage others to do the same. There is no registration fee to participate. Every time you forget the Frappuccino, you move us closer to the cure.

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