Marlins for Mason

The First Annual Marlins for Mason Billfish Release Tournament will be held August 4th and 5th in Ocean City, Maryland. Marlins for Mason is a non-profit marlin release tournament benefitting the Dravet Syndrome Foundation.

Mighty Mason Prather is a 5-year-old Dravet warrior who lives in Ocean City, Maryland. Mason had his first seizure at 4 months old and was diagnosed with Dravet by 7 months old. He suffers from frequent severe and prolonged seizures, developmental delays, and has feeding and mobility issues. During his brief life, he has had hundreds of seizures, innumerable ER visits, and frequent hospitalizations. Amanda, Mason’s mother and a group of her friends launched Marlins for Mason to help “Catch a Cure for Dravet”. They know first-hand the impact Dravet Syndrome has on families and the suffering it causes those it effects. Their mission is to promote awareness and raise money to donate to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation to help fund more research and someday hopefully a cure,

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