Jeremiah Naranjo

Tell us about yourself and the Dravet patient in your life
We live in Colorado and it gives us great joy to see Jeremiah run around and make sweet troubles. Happy to see him live his little yet hugely important life. He is so different as far as his diagnosed Dravet Syndrome and his awesome little personality. We just love him so.

When did the patient’s seizures begin?
July 2012

What is your hope for the future of your loved one? For the Dravet community?
We will always have hope that one day we will get a call from the neurologist telling us there was a secret miracle drug that is now available to the public, to cure Dravet Syndrome. If that doesn’t happen we want Jerrmiah to live the best, happiest life possible always be very well cared for and as independent as possible

What advice do you have for newly diagnosed Dravet families?
I know it feels overwhelming and hopeless but try to stay strong for your loved one and don’t give up…..ever. Your loved one needs your strength so you must have a lot of it.

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